Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Progress on the bicep gear box.

Well, I redesigned the lid on the bicep gear box and got all the pieces printed out.  I discovered that to print big footprint pieces you need to recalibrate the print table when you do a big print.  That doesn't take a long time and appears to be necessary if you intend to print pieces with dimensions over about 90-100 mm.

In any case, I spent a little time upgrading the lid to the gear box so that it take much less after print hand working than it did before.  The involute profile gear and the worm gear are, of course, opposite what one has in the shoulder.  For a 3D printer, that is not a big matter.

I did notice that the axis in the gearbox for the worm gear is about 0.5-1 degree off true.  That doesn't cause any real trouble, but I will remedy that later on.

I slapped on the same servo that I'd modified for the shoulder and, of course, the leads into the potentiometer were backwards to what they needed to be.  :-)

All the same, the HS-805BB servo turned the drive shaft barrel easily without lubrication.  

I got notice from the vendor for the spare gear sets for the HS805BB that they will arrive either this Friday or next Monday or at latest onTuesday.  Of course, they'd promised to deliver them by this Friday when I ordered them.  :-D

This weekend, I hope to have the time to get test the servos on the lead screws that position the forearm and the bicep away from the body.

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