Saturday, February 16, 2013


Ran one of the HS-805BB high torque servos in a minor stress test.  It faulted out in about five minutes.  It overheated and stopped.  I let it cool off and tried it again and it worked.  I came back half an hour later and tried it yet again and it was stone dead.

This is NOT good news.  Those things cost $40 each.


  1. Did you get an answer from the Hitec people concerning your burned servo?

  2. Sorry to have been out of touch, Gael. My Up! printer extruder head failed a within a day or so of the servo failing. Getting that fixed under warranty has been tedious.

    The Hitech people were wonderful. Servocity referred me to the US distributor. When you looked on their warranty terms it looked rather forbidding. Their office is down the coast from me near San Diego, so I called to make sure I knew how to package the broken one properly for them. The tech guy, Tony, send me a new one immediately, taking my credit card details in case I didn't send them the broken one. I had a new servo in about 2 days. No problems with the new one. Their support was so good that I am wondering if I should use Hitech servos for the fingers, too.

    BTW, I am doing some design refinements on that shoulder worm/gear box that rotates the arm. How did you connect the servo to the worm gear? There was precious little room for screw heads to attach it that way. It is really hard to assemble the servo to the worm gear as it is presently designed... unless there is some trick to it that I don't understand.