Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kinect Progress 13-02-23

This morning, I got a note from the UP 3D printer people that they wanted to do a Skype video session to put my printer right.  I thought they meant right then, but was wrong, apparently.  While the new extruder heater block helped matters it didn't fix my UP.

In the meantime, I worked on the Kinect motion capture task.  I have it capturing the upper torso, head and arms and transferring it to a disk file.  My programme is very crude.  I simply identify the joints and put the coordinates in a list box.  Surprisingly, my PC and Visual Basic 2010 is able to keep up with the 30 frames/second that the Kinect does that process at with no effort whatsoever.  After I record a session, I simply save the XML formatted information to a file.

My next task is to restrict the saved output to the left upper torso, shoulder and arm and to covert the cartesian coordinates to joint specific coordinate systems which match the kinematics that Gael has designed into the Inmoov arm.

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