Sunday, February 10, 2013

Printing Gael Langevin's Inmoov Robot

Andreas Maryanto and I have been working on animatronic hands for some time now with Andreas' Dexhand project streets ahead of my own efforts.  About a year ago, I happened across a printed hand done by hairygael {Gael Langevin} in Thingiverse.  It was interesting enough that I printed a copy of it, but at that time Gael had not got very far with the design, so I neglected to follow his subsequent progress.

Big mistake!  About a week ago I discovered that Gael's modest beginnings had subsequently blossomed into a full fledged animatronic robot upper half.

I was both shocked and completely entranced by what Gael had accomplished in so short a time.  Gael was kind enough to make his print files open source, so I immediately began a campaign to print a copy of his robot.  Using his files, I have so far managed to print out a copy of his Inmoov robot's left arm.

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures.  My own camera was lost a few months ago when my son's car was broken into in Seattle and I have been remiss in replacing it even though his insurance company was quite prompt in reimbursing him for the loses.

At the moment, I have not tried to install servomotors but have concentrated on understanding how the many pieces go together.  I shall be buying the torso, shoulder, bicep and wrist servos in the next week or two.

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